The unique power of the plant world





Understanding the innermost living mechanisms, tapping into the power of plants and reproducing their incredible properties to deliver them to your skin…

How did we use our expertise to bring increasingly more nature-oriented beauty for decades?





AK-Clarens-Vue-aerienne-hotel-Mirabeau (1)Nature as a legacy

If there is one thing that can be passed down through generations, it’s passion. Especially when it forms an integral part of a family tradition.

The story traces its origins back to the 1950s, at the Clinique Mirabeau in Montreux, nestled between Alpine mountain tops and Lake Geneva.  It was in this unique location, well-known throughout Europe for its micro-climate, that the founder Alexandre Flueckiger’s grandmother and her sister introduced their wellness programs. Animated by a joint passion, the women infused their knowledge of mountains and plants into a line of therapeutic treatments.

Featuring beauty formulas and treatments, home-made lemonade, pure air and stunning views over narcissus fields, the entire experience was curated to provide rest and harmony for both body and spirit. The two women concocted their very first beauty elixirs in this idyllic environment. A clever blend of essential oils of cypress, pine and lavender, with innovative antiseptic benefits you can still enjoy in Alpeor body care today.

Over the years, this passion for nature and for phytotherapy grew to fully focus today on the amazing potential of plants, thriving at the very heart of our high-altitude garden replete with Edelweiss, Narcissus, Gentian, and varieties of wild rose.


The garden and its secrets

Our lush sanctuary of greenery, nestled at 1,500 meters in altitude, is the perfect vantage point for observing, understanding and exploring the botanical world and more specifically the unique properties of Alpine flora.

Our Magical World, contained within the Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden in Champex, is like a formidable open-air laboratory and host to over 4,000 rare plant species. An ecosystem that promotes self-regulation of flora and boasts a diversity of cultivated plants that ensure essential ecological stability.



The Vegetal World of Alpeor - C4 - LDIt is in this Alpine paradise that our biologists analyze locally growing rare plants. Having directly experienced the intelligence of the plant world, we chose to focus our research on three essential areas in the development of environmentally responsible cosmetics: phytotherapy, phytochemistry and dermatology, a multi-disciplinary approach that helps bring to light the anti-aging solutions of tomorrow.

The synergistic science of phytotherapy has unveiled plant benefits in many different forms. Plant properties have been used to relieve and treat various types of ailments since the Antiquity. For example, we know that Nasturtium is an excellent remedy for the common cold, while Mallow calms coughs and soothes irritated throats. On the beauty front, Chamomile and Immortelle are ideal for fighting skin irritation and redness, as well as Violet, which boasts purifying virtues.

An inexhaustible source of inspiration, the list of plant benefits is long. Since time immemorial, plants have provided the preferred answer to naturally maintaining the body’s vital balance by providing it with the substances it needs.

Our knowledge of the power of plants has been a driving force since the beginning. From a scientific perspective, our research has encouraged us to determine the specific active substances in plants that are ideal for the composition of our products. From research to the extraction of active molecules, we maintain control over the process by implementing the highest scientific standards and full transparency to guarantee maximum level of skin safety and visible effectiveness.

A lasting legacy given that today Alpeor founder Alexandre Flueckiger is working to optimize the traditions and the know-how of the past to create present-day beauty…