Cell renewal: how can it be optimized?


1. The cell unit: a synonym for vitality.

As a “conductor” of the skin’s youth, cellular activity has been at the center of many research projects for years. This process, which is vital to life itself, also guarantees our youthfulness. Yet, as we begin to age, so do our cells, gradually decreasing in number and entering senescence. It is impossible to fight against their pre-programmed decline, often impacted by lifestyle and excessive sun exposure. However, thanks to vegetal mimetism and chronobiological research, we can slow it down.

Like plants, our bodies are subject to biological rhythms that govern our brain, hormones and cells. Our inner clock works in 24-hour cycles and upsetting its rhythm can have negative consequences on sleep, metabolism, cardiovascular functions and the immune system…

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Having witnessed flawless plant adaptation on a daily basis, Alpeor carried out an investigation of all slower forms of life capable of helping us optimize our cellular activity. At the heart of Alpeor’s high-altitude gardens, in a unique observatory home to 4,000 rare plant species, our company has developed one of the most advanced skincare ranges in the field, the Ulticell Anti-Aging Collection.  We have also devised a treatment that combines plant active ingredients and the principles of chronobiology. Working in synergy, they ensure 360° skincare performance.

How can we draw inspiration from plants and chronobiology to protect and optimize our skin’s youthfulness? Alpeor reveals its Swiss beauty secrets so follow the guide…


2. The Alpeor protocol for renewed skin.

Phase I: Prepare skin to help boost skincare effectiveness

To prepare skin and optimize the effectiveness of skincare, it is important to exfoliate once or twice a week.

But take extra care as aggressive exfoliation can have unwanted effects.  It is essential to choose a gentle exfoliant that will help eliminate imperfections and sebum trapped in pores while respecting the epidermis. Gentle Facial Scrub soothes the skin thanks to provitamin B5, while promoting cellular regeneration through its stimulating action. Once the skin is free from dead cells, it can be toned. This step acts as an amplifier for the rest of the treatment.

Our advice: Apply to face while avoiding the eye contour area, then massage with circular motions for 3 to 5 min. We encourage you to pay more attention to rough skin areas and rinse off with clear water.

Phase II: Optimize to create a protective environmentALPEOR_BANNER COLLECTIONS_ULTICELL-B-22.05

Because cellular performance depends on the skin’s environment and its vitality, we have developed tissue and cell “framework” that helps focus cell activity and target essential needs. The treatment at the core of this process? Ulticell Serum, with a silky smooth texture, developed with Meristems of Echinacea Angustifolia and Buddleja Davidii. These active ingredients contribute to the synthesis and protection of collagen fiber, which helps reduce wrinkles and even out the complexion. The added benefit? The instant tightening effect that restores immediately more youthful-looking skin with unparalleled radiance. Could it be magic? No, just the power of plants…

Our advice: Apply morning and evening to the décolleté, face and neck. Enjoy a small toning massage to help drain your skin of toxins. Gently pat fingers around the oval of the face, then pay special attention to the neck by stroking more intensely in sweeping upward motions. 

Phase III:  Redensify the skin in the morning / Regenerate & nourish at night

Youth Enhancement Cream perfectly follows the skin’s chronobiological cycle in order to deliver targeted and effective action that helps restore its youthfulness. This cream will deeply reactivate the mechanism of cellular renewal while improving the cutaneous tissue mesh. The result? Firmer skin and more visibly diminished wrinkles.

Our advice: Apply in the morning after Ulticell Serum for overall restructuring action ideal in wintertime.

While the body rests during sleep, the skin undergoes active self-repair. Chronobiology has proven that cellular multiplication in the epidermis is at its peak at night and 8 times more intense than during the day. This occurs because at night skin is subject to fewer external aggressions, benefiting from a period of tranquility that helps reset the regeneration process. Just like plants, we create our own defenses. Nighttime is therefore the right time to apply suitable skincare.

In light of all the facts and because of vegetal mimetism, we have developed our Night Cream to help expertly improve active skin regeneration. Enriched with extracts of Imperatoria, an Alpine plant with regenerating and soothing properties, this intense cream targets skin damage by delivering a gentle “dressing-like” effect on the epidermis. Highly concentrated in Shea Butter and Avocado oil, it also ensures that skin is moisturized and intensely nourished.

Our advice: Apply a thick layer at bedtime and once a week leave on overnight for perfectly revitalized skin results in the morning!

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