Researching youthful skin…

Understanding the innermost living mechanisms, tapping into the power of plants and reproducing their incredible properties to deliver them to your skin…
Alpeor research encompasses no less than three scientific fields (phytotherapy, dermatology and phytochemistry) to create innovative high-tech skincare inspired by the prodigy of nature. This multi-disciplinary approach allows our scientific experts to fully understand the origins of aging and to create, from plants, the age-defying solutions of tomorrow.

Secret formulas that conceal nothing from your skin

Although our innovative anti-aging skincare is formulated in utmost secrecy, our manufacturing process is fully transparent. Hence, for complete traceability, our products are exclusively made in Switzerland, from Swiss mountain water. Our researchers concentrate their efforts on the active principles derived from the plant world, with a focus on organic alpine plants. They develop increasingly high-performance formulas using extreme scientific rigor to ensure maximum safety for your skin.

Our formulas do not contain
mineral oil,
chemical dyes,
ethanol alcohol
and have never been tested on animals.


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