The history of Alpeor


The Swiss Alps, a true source of well-being

Alpeor fully embodies the traditional Alpine myth. With the development of modern means of transportation (trains, cable cars, aerial tramways) and prestigious hotels, Switzerland underwent a boom in tourism, leading to the country’s golden era. Tourists flocked to Switzerland to discover the unspoiled nature and climb the snow-capped mountains.


The magical garden of Champex, a beautiful setting for protected alpine plant species

Jean-Marcel Aubert, a wealthy Swiss industrialist, fell in love with Champex, where he decided to create a genuine open-air laboratory for alpine flora.


The rise in health and wellness tourism as a source of inspiration

Working together with her sister, the maternal grandmother of founder Alexandre Flueckiger welcomed and cared for patients from all over Europe at the Clinique du Bien-être Mirabeau in Montreux, where the first beauty elixirs were developed.


Intelligent plants, playing an essential role in the development of Alpeor skincare

Alpeor works hand in hand with nature, drawing inspiration from its capacity for adaptation when choosing the most suitable elements for specific results. We use Swiss alpine plants, rich in substances that provide protection from their hostile environment (altitude, UV light, cold temperatures, snow…).


The beginning of a long history beyond the Swiss border

After discovering Alpeor in Switzerland, foreign customers have shown overwhelming appreciation for the brand, and want to find it back at home. The range has expanded and adapted to the specific needs of customers, based on country.


Intensive beauty ritual "Made in Switzerland"

The signature treatments extend the Alpeor experience for increasingly visible, long-lasting results.


The Ulticell Collection

Cutting-edge botanical technology that deciphers how the skin functions.


Stimulating our youth protein

Alpeor responds with a major breakthrough.