Our signature treatments, real Swiss beauty cures

Alpeor’s research, specialising in natural formulation, has three objectives:

    1. to propose concrete results,
    2. to respect the skin,
    3. to provide optimum comfort.

Alpeor’s state-of-the-art technology highlights the power of natural plant ingredients. Alpeor treatments also enhance your professional skills through technical operations that are only manual.

Each specific step of the Alpeor face program is designed with a precise objective in mind. Your client experiences beauty treatments as pure and beneficial as a stay in the Swiss mountains, and as revitalizing as the air you breathe.

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8 Facial Treatment Protocols - 40 to 90 minutes

Prélude Alpin® – Discovery Treatment

Pure Harmonie® – Purifying Treatment

Fraîches Prairies® – Hydrating Treatment

Riches Montagnes® – Nourishing Treatment

Blancheur des Cîmes® – Brightening Anti-aging White Phyto Complex®  Treatment

Neiges Éternelles® – Anti-aging Resor Complex®  Treatment

UltiCell® Premium Anti-aging Treatment

New Skin Peeling Treatment

8 Body Treatment Protocols - 40 to 60 minutes

“Gommage aux Cristaux des Prairies” – Tonifying scrub

“Gommage aux Cristaux des Prairies” – Relaxing scrub

“Gelée de Givre” Body Wrap

“Enveloppement Minceur des Prairies” Slimming Reshaping Body Wrap

“Massage entre Pics et Monts” Deep Invigorating Massage

“Massage du Dos Chaleur et Lumière” Cocooning & Relaxing Back Massage

Advanced Weightlessness Legs Wrap

“Massage Silhouette Minceur” Refined Shape Massage

Watch the film of Neiges Éternelles our signature anti-aging treatment