Specific Collections derived from the world of plants

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With our goal to reproduce natural strategies through specific and targeted skincare solutions, we want you to discover three collections and how we use our expertise and passion for the benefit of real beauty.   


The Ulticell Collection

Cellular level action

Since the secret of our youth resides in the cells, (to read: Cell renewal: how can it be optimized?) our laboratory has focused its research on these vital units of life. Observing nature was an indispensable step in the process. We have discovered a revolutionary active ingredient in the heart of the Narcissus bulb, which can optimize cellular replication cycles. Proving that plants are truly good for us, clinical testing has demonstrated, after 24 days of application, significantly improved wrinkle depth (-17%), elasticity and firmness. This is what we refer to as the power of plants…


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The Horizon Collection

Redefining skin texture from within

Our skin is at the mercy of daily aggressions. What is the Alpeor solution to the impact of variations in temperature, stress, pollution, etc.? Managing these different factors through a product line based on the power of plants to help protect and reinforce the skin’s integrity!

Our core formulas contain Apple seed extract, which improves skin structure and delivers powerful antioxidant activity. We combine it with Buddleja Davidii, nicknamed the butterfly tree, which brings protective action thanks to its antibacterial properties. The famous Edelweiss is another active plant important to our Horizon Collection. A botanical emblem of high altitudes, Edelweiss is sought after for its anti-free radical benefits. Often referred to as the Snow Queen, it also boasts the capacity to increase epidermal thickness, which is synonymous with a plumper and fresher looking complexion.

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The Hydraswiss Collection

“Moisturizing, purifying and ensuring the integrity of the most intensely exposed skin layers.”

This collection, which alternates cleansing and moisturizing formulas, works to protect the skin’s hydrolipidic film and prevent its imbalance. In this collection, we are using the astringent and anti-inflammatory qualities of yellow Sweet Clover, Butcher’s broom and Plantain to help maintain micro-capillary integrity, often responsible for skin redness. We have combined these plant extracts with a selection of Rose, Peppermint, Rosemary and Cornflower floral water, featuring softening, toning and firming action.

Discover Hydraswiss Collection – Active Hydrating Care


Discover Hydraswiss Collection – Active Cleansing Care



Whether looking for balance, harmony, or simply acting out of a need to go back to the basics, we are convinced that nature has the best to offer, and that the secret of renewed beauty lies in the perfect alliance between passion, science and the power of plants. By continuing a family tradition, coupled with advanced scientific research, we are proud to explore the fabulous potential of plants to develop continually more innovative and more effective skincare.