Foaming Cleanser



This delicate and airy light foam, inspired by the eternal snow covering the Swiss mountains, instantly eliminates impurities.

An extremely gentle formula that fully respects the skin’s hydrolipidic film.
Butcher’s broom extract leaves the skin clear and shine-free.


Combination to oily and acne-prone skin. For individuals who prefer rinse-off cleansers.


For perfectly cleansed skin in three steps: remove makeup with Gentle Cleansing Lotion, cleanse skin with Foaming Cleanser and then apply the suitable Floral Skin Toner.

Content 125ml - Ref. 1010118

Foaming Cleanser may be used as a cleanser and /or make-up remover. Dampen face with water and apply to skin (pump 3 times). Gently massage in and thoroughly rinse off. Apply morning and evening.

Core formula
Focus on pure, shine-free skin

Edelweiss extract: antioxidant, softening
Witch hazel extract: regenerating, venous protective
Yellow sweet clover extract: astringent, softening

Complementary active ingredients
Silky soft skin, fresh and luminous complexion

Peppermint floral water: toning, refreshing
Butcher’s broom extract: astringent, softening
Vegetal glycerin: moisturizing

All formulas contain the exclusive Bio-Phyto-Complex (BPC) Technology®, which is based on:

  • The art of selecting the most suitable plants and their most potent parts.
  • The art of extracting the most effective active ingredients and molecules.
  • The synergistic use of active ingredients, using a high-tech formulation process.

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