Youth Enhancement Cream

Replenishing & Firming


An ideal treatment for all signs of aging: wrinkles, loss of skin firmness and density, dryness.

The RESOR COMPLEX® ensures collagen synthesis, firms skin tissue and smoothes facial features.


Dry and dehydrated mature skin


Apply after Youth Enhancement Serum.

Content 20ml - Ref. 1010512

Apply a small dab of product using gentle sweeping strokes, working from the inside to the outer limits of the face and neck. Apply morning and evening.

Core formula
Focus on a firmed and soft skin

Edelweiss extract: antioxidant, softening
Witch hazel extract: venous protective, soothing, softening
Cornflower floral water: decongesting, soothing, softening

Complementary active ingredients
Lifting and regenerating action

Apple seed extract: firming, antioxidant, regenerating
Vegetal suberin: lifting, firming
Grape seed oil: antioxidant, restructuring
Buddleja davidii extract: antioxidant, regenerating
Vegetal glycerin: moisturizing

An extraordinary anti-aging shield, this exclusive complex works on three levels:

  • Strengthening elastic fiber
  • Providing a firming effect
  • Delivering anti-free radical action

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