Wintertime: nature between rest and wakefullness

It has been a long wait… Between the Indian summer and a long spring, we were all wondering when winter would truly begin. And now that the temperatures are plunging, we know it’s finally here.

The unwavering cycle of seasons gives us the opportunity to introduce you to the Magical World of Alpeor during nature’s downtime, when everything is nevertheless in a state of wakefulness. Nestled in the Swiss Alps, our garden is like a veritable open sky laboratory, an amazing place for observation allowing our team of scientists and biologists to study and analyze Alpine flora in order to reproduce its qualities in our products. A source of unique ingredients, nature is a well of passion and our leading fountain of inspiration. Because, even in its resting phase, nature has the capacity to adapt – here more than anywhere else – to an extreme and highly fluctuating climatic environment.

How do plants adapt to and interact with the changing seasons and how does that relate to us?

Contrary to animals, plants cannot migrate to improve their conditions. Their “rooted” lives force them to adapt in order to survive, giving rise to various crucial mechanisms ensuring their longevity. Plants adopt a unique form of protection to fight against frost and moisture loss. They interact with one another by forming an evolutive convergence model. By creating a colony, plants “ball up” exactly like humans, looking for protection from the cold. This increases their resistance to dehydration and winds. This reaction also helps accumulate the day’s heat, which can promote growth during a vegetative state. A silent language that enables remarkable adaptation and is referred to by some scientists as plant neurobiology.

Plants’ developed capacity for slowing down their cellular activity in wintertime in order to better reactivate it in the spring is also due to complex internal mechanisms. These mechanisms echo our own need for rest and renewal when winter is near and Edelweiss, a genuine cell booster, is a perfect example. And for us too winter is synonymous with rest, with an opportunity to replenish one’s energy and take time off for an essential natural regeneration.  And since we no longer need to prove the connection with nature, we can freely use it as inspiration for our beauty routine. Wintertime brings changes to the skin and modifies its needs. Our skin barrier becomes thinner, our complexion starts looking duller, imperfections may appear, and the skin often feels dehydrated.

Alpeor is committed to addressing all these issues with its Horizon Collection, which provides a customized winter skincare program, specially developed to help you face the winter months looking beautiful.

1. Makeup removal

The secret to beautiful skin starts with thorough makeup removal. But in the winter, it is important to choose a gentle formula to avoid any form of skin aggression. Alpeor’s Gentle Cleansing Lotion with Cornflower and witch hazel eliminates impurities and regenerates the skin. We should add that the leading active ingredients of the precious Edelweiss is also a source of hydration and protection. The added benefit? Finish off with a few drops of our Floral Skin Toner lotion for a perfect final touch to revitalize the skin.

2. Hydration 

Moisture is key to plumper, radiantly healthy skin. The absolute must-have? Our Youth Enhancement Serum with active Apple Seed and Rose extracts that maintain optimal levels of hyaluronic acid for glowy, plump-feeling skin, even when temperatures are low. So, forget all sensation of tightness on the face and indulge in this light textured, fluid product with continuous hydration benefits.

3. Protection

Once the skin is thoroughly cleansed, it will naturally crave protection. Alpeor has created the ideal protection duo: Youth Enhancement Fluid and Youth Enhancement Cream, to be used in line with your skin’s need for moisture.

Youth Enhancement Fluid gets its active principles from Edelweiss, the quintessential Alpine plant, famous for its capacity to adapt to the toughest environments. The treatment forms a shield that effectively protects skin against external aggressions. It also boosts cellular renewal to enable skin regeneration from within. To amplify these benefits, complete your ritual with Youth Enhancement Cream, an amazing regenerating concentrate with anti-bacterial agents to ensure intense hydration and ultimate protection. The perfect combination of skincare for the winter…

4. Rest

We cannot say it enough: we should follow the example of plants. Winter is the ideal time to treat yourself to a time out. Much more than simple beauty advice, sleep is the key to a healthy body and radiant skin. So, keep a regular sleep schedule and plan to take about 20-min naps in order to recharge your batteries. Listen to soothing music and snuggle into a comfortable bed, like plants seeking protection under the comfort of snow…