May: Narcissi are blooming

“For over a century, Narcissi have been the symbol of Montreux and the areas above the Vaud Riviera. Every time the region was mentioned, their flowering in May was highlighted as a unique phenomenon. During the Belle Epoque period, when Narcissi came into flower in May, it was the attraction of the year.” – How to protect the Narcissi? Where to see it and smell it? Follow a Narcissi forecast, on the Montreux Riviera website.

You can find Narcissus extract, for its amazing “cellular longevity” in one of our bestsellers, the Alpeor Ulticell Intensive Treatment, thanks to the Cellper Complex, the result of many years of research.

Narcissus by thousand: From 1961, 9 min. documentary with French audio.

Our history began in the 1950s at the Clinique du Bien-être Mirabeau in Montreux, as well. Working together with her sister, the maternal grandmother of founder Alexandre Flueckiger, welcomed and cared for patients from all over Europe, who came to benefit from a healthy lifestyle, the exceptional micro-climate and pure air from the nearby mountains. At the time, the two sisters were already creating beauty elixirs for their patients, who were eager to take them home.

Pictures: We made them while walking above Montreux two years ago.