Floral Skin Toner

Moisturizing & Soothing


This gentle toner removes all remaining traces of makeup and impurities, after the cleansing phase.

A genuine soothing veil, this alcohol-free toner invigorates and softens the skin with lemon verbena and peppermint floral water.
It delivers optimal moisturization, thanks to a complete blend of botanical molecules.


Dehydrated, normal to dry and sensitive skin.


Apply Floral Skin Toner after the cleanser. Close eyes for a moment of pure relaxation.

Content 200ml - Ref. 1010110

Apply a few drops to a cotton pad and gently pat over the face. Apply morning and evening.

Core formula
Focus on soothed and regenerated skin

Edelweiss extract: antioxidant, softening
Witch hazel extract: regenerating, venous protective
Yellow sweet clover extract: astringent, soothing

Complementary active ingredients
Moisturizing and toning effectiveness

Lemon verbena floral water: toning, purifying, softening
Peppermint floral water: toning, refreshing
Vegetal Glycerin : moisturizing

All formulas contain the exclusive Bio-Phyto-Complex (BPC) Technology®, which is based on:

  • The art of selecting the most suitable plants and their most potent parts.
  • The art of extracting the most effective active ingredients and molecules.
  • The synergistic use of active ingredients, using a high-tech formulation process.

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