Ulticell Serum

Cell Protector


This ultimate anti-aging treatment effectively targets all signs of aging, from loss of firmness to pronounced wrinkles and lack of radiance.

The CELLPER COMPLEX® combines several innovative active ingredients such as dual source meristem and peptide P+ in order to promote the quality and vitality of skin cells.


Mature skin, starting at age 35.


Apply after Floral Skin Toner. Follow up with Ulticell Cream.

Content 30ml - Ref. 1010524A

Apply a small dab of the serum using gentle sweeping strokes, working from the inside to the outer limits of the face. Apply the serum with gentle downward sweeping strokes to the neck and décolleté. Apply morning and evening.

Core formula
Focus on a firmed and soft skin

Buddleja davidii meristem: soothing, antioxidant, nourishing, moisturizing, protects collagen fibers
Echinacea angustifolia meristem: antioxidant, soothing, nourishing, moisturizing, promotes collagen synthesis
Apple seed extract: firming, antioxidant, regenerating
Edelweiss extract: antioxidant, softening
Imperatoria extract: soothing
Fruit extracts (orange, blueberry, lemon, maple sugar, cane sugar): cell-renewing, promote radiant skin tone

Complementary active ingredients
Tissue regeneration and lifting action

Peptide P+: protects the cellular niche, regenerates tissue
Hyaluronic acid: moisturizing
Oat polysaccharides: skin-tensing

CELLPER COMPLEX®  concentrates the fruit of the most recent discoveries in the field of cellular regeneration, based on plant meristem.

This innovation consists in  in preventing the youth of capital cellular.

360° performance on signs of aging:

  • Protecting the cellular environment
  • Promoting radiance
  • Antioxidant
  • Wrinkle-reducing
  • Moisturizing and nourishing

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