Youth Enhancement Eye Contour Cream



This delicate cream gel works to ensure that the eyes do not betray signs of aging or fatigue, restoring all their beauty and sparkle.

The RESOR COMPLEX® provides anti-wrinkle and firming action for immediate youthful results.
Soothing and decongesting effect, thanks to cornflower and chamomile floral water.


All eye contours, even the most sensitive.

Content 20ml - Ref. 1010515

Apply to undereye area and eyelids, while keeping eyes closed. Apply morning and evening.

Core formula
Focus on a smooth eye contour

Edelweiss extract: antioxidant, softening
Witch Hazel extract: venous protective, soothing, softening
Cornflower floral water: decongesting, soothing, softening

Complementary active ingredients
Soothing and moisturizing action

Apple seed extract: firming, antioxidant, regenerating
Shea butter: nourishing, moisturizing
Avocado oil: moisturizing, regenerating
Chamomile floral water: soothing, regenerating, purifying
Vegetal glycerin: moisturizing

An extraordinary anti-aging shield, this exclusive complex works on three levels:

  • Strengthening elastic fiber
  • Providing a firming effect
  • Delivering anti-free radical action

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