Seasonal changes: effects on the skin and best products to use?

Seasonal changes: effects on the skin and best products to use?

The summer seems long gone, the daily routine starts to settle in and spirits are low.
What happens to our skin and to its most exposed area: the face?

Seasonal changes cause our skin to undergo considerable modifications.  The temperature gradually falls and humidity takes hold.

Our skin is no longer able to correctly “breathe”, opening itself up to impurities. Upon waking, the complexion is poorly oxygenated and the skin lacks radiance.  The face must be effectively cleansed with easy-to-use, high-performance  Foaming Cleanser, which will energize the skin, restoring purity and freshness while delivering active ingredients, such as butcher’s broom for soothing action and vegetal glycerin for moisture replenishment.
The cold settles in, causing cutaneous dehydration and making it essential to nourish and moisturize the skin. For this purpose, the season’s must-have product makes its comeback: Intensive Day Care.
Elder extract protects and soothes the skin. Sesame seed oil helps rebuild the cutaneous barrier while intensely nourishing the skin, leaving it enhanced and silky soft to the touch. The skin’s defense mechanisms are reinforced, preparing it for external aggressions and the cold winter months.

Special tips:

This product also comes in a repairing balm to protect even the most fragile and damaged skin. Apply a thick layer to relax the skin.

And during the night?

Although we sleep, our skin is still hard at work.  It is therefore important to give it a boost, especially when less exposed to external aggressions and while its self-defense systems are at rest. Remember to protect your skin in the evening and help it regenerate with a special purpose cream: Night Cream. This cream reactivates the skin’s regeneration process during the night.
A genuine concentrate of active ingredients, it immediately relaxes the skin to regenerate with avocado oil, soothe with lemon verbena floral water and Plantago leaf extract, and provide all the nourishing elements, thanks to shea butter.
Night Cream is perfectly suited for use as a repairing mask around the eye area.

Special tips:
After the summer, the skin feels asphyxiated by the accumulation of dead cells; the more it loses in moisture, the more the outer epidermal layers scale away, leaving the complexion muddy and lackluster. Our solution? Apply Gentle Facial Scrub, which is also suitable for dehydrated, weakened skin.  Skin is perfectly rid of impurities, thanks to Cranberry particles.  Hydration is maintained, the complexion is resplendent and the skin is fresh and pure.