Narcissus at the heart of Alpeor


The narcissus, a bulbous plant that is flowering in May/June above Montreux (read here), enters a state of dormancy during the winter, when it saves its strength in order to come back to life with even greater beauty in the spring. Alpeor researchers examined the very heart of this flower’s bulb, extracting a revolutionary active ingredient, capable of slowing down the cellular life cycle in the skin.

Transposed to skin cells, this active ingredient fights against aging and its effects by extending the life cycle of skin cells. The skin’s youth capital is thereby optimally maintained.

You can find Narcissus extract, for its amazing “cellular longevity” in one of our bestsellers, the Alpeor Ulticell Intensive Treatment, thanks to the CELLPER COMPLEX®, the result of many years of research. It concentrates the fruit of the most recent discoveries in the field of cellular regeneration, based on plant meristem. This innovation slows down the skin aging process by protecting the cell niche. Youth innovation: the revolutionary active ingredient derived from narcissus improves cellular longevity and youthful skin.

The Ulticell Intensive Treatment is a highly complete intensive treatment that offers simultaneous cell perfecting, antioxidant and wrinkle-reducing action. It boosts radiance, hydrates and nourishes skin, restoring a youthful appearance after only 4 weeks.