Are Alpeor products formulated with natural active ingredients?

We systematically give priority to natural botanical active ingredients, with proven effectiveness. Biotechnologically-derived active ingredients are also carefully selected for their widely recognized performance.

Where are Alpeor products developed and manufactured?

Alpeor formulas are developed in Switzerland by our Research and Development team. All of our products are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland.

Can Alpeor skincare be used by men?

Yes, men are particularly fond of Foaming Cleanser, which provides both practical and effective cleansing action. Moisturizing skincare, such as Harmony Lotion, the Intensive Day Care - Proven Hydration and Intensive Day Care - Multi-Nourishing are also very popular, due to their lightweight textures, which leave no greasy film over the skin. For men in the prime of life and older, Youth Enhancement Serum and Youth Enhancement Eye Contour Cream are powerful and complementary anti-aging and revitalizing products.

Is there a risk of interaction between botanical stem cells – meristems – and human stem cells?

No, there is no risk of interaction between plant and human stem cells.

What is the strong point of the radiance-boosting Silwhite range?

This range was developed to provide gentle action, yet highly effective results.

Do Alpeor formulas contain silicone?

No, there is no silicone in the Alpeor formulas.

What type of preservatives do you use?

We use very low doses of preservatives. Our preservatives are Ecocert certified. Preservatives, such as parabens and phenoxyethanol have been excluded from our formulation charter.

Are Alpeor products non comedogenic?

Alpeor products are non comedogenic and thereby do not cause the formation of blackheads.

How long can your products be stored before opening?

Our formulas have proven stability of over 30 months.

How long can they be stored after opening?

This indication – PAO or "Period After Opening" – is shown on the packaging. It varies between 6 and 12 months.

Why don't you use jars?

We prefer using airless bottles for our face care products in order to limit the amount of preservatives and keep our formulas as pure as possible.

Are your products tested on animals?

No, Alpeor products are not tested on animals.

What is the Magical World of Alpeor?

The Magical World of Alpeor is located in Champex in the Valais region. This is the name we use to refer to the Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden created in 1927, which features over 4,000 plant species. A paradise-like place supported by Alpeor, the garden may be visited from May through October www.flore-alpe.ch

Where can we find Alpeor products?

Alpeor skincare is available in selective points of sale (perfume shops, department stores, boutiques) as well as beauty institutes, spas and luxury hotels. Should there be no retail outlets carrying our products in your area, you may order them through the on-line shop for delivery to Switzerland. Where to find us