Cellper Complex

Cellular anti-aging

CELLPER COMPLEX® concentrates the fruit of the most recent discoveries in the field of cellular regeneration, based on plant meristem.

This innovation slows down the skin aging process by protecting the cell niche.

Goals: to provide anti-aging action + maintain cellular balance



Thanks to biotechnology, meristem, growth tissus in plants, yields specific substances that protect cells at the heart of the skin, yet cannot be extracted using other plant extraction methods.

CELLPER COMPLEX® contains meristem derived from two sources:

  • In meristem derived from  buddleja davidii : antioxidants, photo-protective and anti-inflammatory agents  such as verbascoside and leucosceptoside A.
  • In meristem derived from echinacea angustifolia: anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical agents, such as echinacoside  and chlorogenic acid.

Phyto-sterols, amino acids and polysaccharides found in both meristem types have moisturizing and nourishing properties.