Foaming Cleanser


This delicate and airy light foam,
inspired by the eternal snow covering the Swiss mountains, instantly eliminates impurities.

Valérie S.
“I am a fan of easy-to-use products and like them even better when they are effective. In my opinion, Foaming Cleanser is the perfect solution.”

Marc B.
“One day, my wife gave me Foaming Cleanser and I didn’t feel quite at ease because I am used to washing my face with soap. But for me, it’s really the ideal facial cleanser.”

bonheur-yeux Youth Enhancement Eye Contour Cream

Laure G.
“I had two eye contour creams with two very distinct purposes until a friend introduced me to Youth Enhancement Eye Contour Cream. It’s a must-have for smoother features and unsightly undereye bags. I can’t live without it!”

Elsa D.
“Having worn contact lenses for several years, I have never been able to tolerate eye contour formulas until I tried Youth Enhancement Eye Contour Cream. In addition, it is fully in line with my own personal philosophy on life: it contains no chemical dyes or harmful preservatives.”

Creme-Secret-des-Cîmes Youth Enhancement Cream
Replenishing & Firming

Catherine N.
“THE global 3-in-1 anti-aging cream, this product is perfect for my skin both in the summer and winter, filling in wrinkles, smoothing out features and resculpting my facial contours.”

Monique H.
“This is the product I am most fond of: it has a significant wrinkle-diminishing effect. I love its rich texture that restores comfort to my skin, without leaving an oily film on its surface.”