Stories & Legends, Alpeor Garden Party 2016

On Sunday July 31st at 2pm, Alpeor and the 4’000 alpine plants of the Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden in Champex-Lac invite you to their garden party.

“Over the course of a day, different aspects of the garden are revealed in stories dedicated to women. Mixing legend and botanical truths, the tales spun by three storytellers give us a new perspective on our environment. They give away a few secrets and highlight the unique links that have always existed between women and plants.”

This garden represents an exceptional treasure-trove of knowledge for Alpeor and a solid base for the scientific development of its phyto-cosmetic products.

Informations & access: Flore-Alpe Botanical Garden, route de l’Adray 27, 1938, Champex-Lac, Valais, Entry and guided visit: Adult: 18 fr. ; kid, student, senior: 9 fr.